macardi images was born out of my two last names...Pardi-MacGregor. My name Valentina Pardi-MacGregor seemed a little long :)

I was born in Buenos Aires, raised in Venezuela and lived in 6 countries by the time I was 27. I studied fashion design, worked in Marketing and Product Development but found my love of photography though my own children. 

Completely in love with my first baby, I feared him growing up too fast. After 2 more kids, photography became my way to stop time in its tracks. Blessed with a good eye, a supportive husband, a decent camera, I have taken classes and workshops by numerous National Geographic and award winning photographers. I also strive to challenge my own skills and participate consistently in photography competitions and assignments. Having said that, my first love is children and families in my community.

For me photography is about telling a story and capturing a moment. I follow the light and love being allowed into people's lives to find the story, thank you for considering me in capturing yours! 

Please contact me for questions, suggestions, or challenges! I welcome them all!